My art is concerned with change, decay and humanity's position in the natural world. The ongoing struggle to establish order and stability in an environment of constant flux, integration and disintegration, environmental degradation and rehabilitation, a world of paradox and tension. I use both abstraction and realism to express this.

James de Villiers - Artist


Some of the images which inspire my art

This page shows a selection of some of my more recent work.

Auto da Fe. 1020mm x  760mm. Oil on canvas.

Ritual Still life. 610mm x  760mm. Oil on canvas.

After the drought. 3 400mm x  1 200mm. Triptych. Oil on canvas. Commissioned work

Afternoon. 1 000mm x  1 500mm. Oil on canvas. Commissioned work

Sandstorm.460mm x 610mm. Oil on canvas. Recently sold.

After the Storm.1550mm x 1220mm. Oil on canvas.

Approaching Storm. Oil on canvas. 122 x 152  x 5cm.

Autumn. Oil on canvas. 152 x 122  x 5cm

Spirit of Tsunami 1. Oil on canvas 550 x 605mm x 25mm

Spirit of Tsunami 2 Oil on canvas 550 x 605mm x 25mm

Flowers at Martin Place. Oil on canvas 610mm x 915mm x 20mm.  Sold

Hung out to Dry

Oil on canvas

860 x 860 mm


Marikana. Oil on canvas. 91 x 61cm

Night and day. . Oil on canvas. 41 x 51cm